Clementi's Selection of Practical Harmony


The Selection of Practical Harmony is the result of Clementi collecting manuscript music during his frequent trips across continental Europe (1780–1784, 1784–1785, 1802–1810). It is in 4 volumes (1801, 1802, 1811, 1814) and contains works by 25 composers (other than Clementi). Click on relevant sections in the table below to access PDF scores from the first collected edition by Clementi &Co. (c.1815).

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Composers Total number of pages Works
AGOSTINI, Paolo (1583–1629) 1 line
ALBRECHTSBERGER, Johann Georg (1736–1809), ‘composer of the Cathedral at Vienna’ 83 pages
BACH, Carl Philip Emanuel (1714–1788), ‘2nd son of Seb. Bach’ 80 pages
BACH, Johann Christian (1735–1782), ‘youngest son of Seb. Bach’ 13 pages
BACH, Johann Christoph Friedrich (1732–1795), ‘3rd son of Seb. Bach’ 14 pages
BACH, Johann Ernst (1722–1777) 5 pages
BACH, Johann Sebastian (1685–1750) 32 pages
BACH, Wilhelm Friedemann (1710–1784), ‘eldest son of Seb. Bach’ 45 pages
CARESANA, Cristoforo (1640–1709) 1 page
CLEMENTI, Muzio (1752–1832) 6 pages
EBERLIN, Johann Ernst (1702–1762) 47 pages
FASCH, Carl Friedrich Christian (1736–1760) 1 line
FRESCOBALDI, Girolamo (1583–1643), referred to as ‘the celebrated Girolamo Frescobaldi, who flourished about the beginning of the seventeenth century, and was organist of St Peter's Church at Rome’ 20 pages
HANDEL, Georg Frideric (1685–1759) 27 pages
HAYDN, Franz Joseph (1732–1809) 1 page
KIRNBERGER, Johann Philip (1721–1783) 24 pages
MARPURG, Friedrich Wilhelm (1718–1795) 2 pages
MARTINI, (Padre) Giovanni Battista (1706–1784), referred to as the ‘celebrated Padre Martini’ 106 pages
MOZART, Wolfgang Amadeus (1756–1791) 11 pages
PERTI, Giacomo Antonio (1661–1756) 3 lines
PORPORA, Nicola (1686–1768) 13 pages
SCARLATTI, Alessandro (1660–1725), ‘father to Domenico Scarlatti’ 2 pages
SCARLATTI, Domenico (1685–1757), ‘the celebrated Performer on the Harpsichord and Organ’ 6 pages
  • vol.2, p. 132–137: 2 Fugues (the 2nd, in G minor, is ‘the celebrated Cat's Fugue’).
TELEMANN, Georg Philipp (1681–1767) 1 page
TURINI, Francesco (1589–1656) 1 line
UMSTATT, Joseph (1711–1762) 3 pages

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